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Flex Start Classes

BSC has a variety of flex start class options available starting later than the typical start dates. You can even add a flex start class up until the day before the class starts. Anytime is the right time to enroll in classes at BSC! If you have not applied yet for admission to BSC, the first step is to complete the application.

Taking these accelerated classes will help you earn credits toward a BSC degree or to transfer to a four-year school. Keep in mind flex start classes fill quickly so register soon!

BSC tuition is one of the lowest in North Dakota, at $173.63/credit, plus fees and books. Financial aid and payment plan options are available each semester. Visit our Payment Plan page for enrollment dates by semester.

Flex Start Classes



Energy Programs

The energy programs have numerous course start dates throughout the term; therefore, it is possible to enroll in additional classes each month. New students interested in starting or current students interested in taking additional courses, have multiple options, please view the program of interest and schedule options at and/or contact
Mode of Instruction Definitions

BSC classes are offered in four different formats:

· On Campus Face-to-face: The traditional classroom setting where the instructor and students are physically located in the same place and may incorporate the use of multiple supportive technologies as appropriate.

· Online Asynchronous: Online instruction occurring independent of time or location.

· Online Synchronous: Online instruction occurring independent of location, but at the same time (real time).

· Hybrid/Blended: A form of instruction that includes students from different locations and/or environments (face-to-face, online, IVN, etc.) for synchronous and/or asynchronous instruction. Students should be available on the days and times listed for the course, though the class may meet in the classroom in-person or online-live, while also allowing for release time to work online in lieu of a scheduled meeting.


Who can enroll?

Individuals who have never attended college, those who attend another college, and BSC students who wish to add a class to their fall schedule.

Is financial aid available?

Students who enroll in at least 6 credits per term and enroll in a degree or certificate program may be eligible for federal financial aid, including Pell grants and student loans. If you need help with applying, send an email to Financial Aid or call 701-223-5494.

The deadline to complete your application and apply for financial aid for flex start classes will vary, depending on the start date.

How do I enroll in flex start classes?

Current Students
If you are a current BSC student who wishes to add a class, either contact your advisor or easily add the class in Campus Connection.

New Students
If you are a new student, you must apply to the college. All students, whether degree-seeking or non-degree must complete the application.

You will receive an email with the next steps within two days of submitting your application. If you have any questions please email, with subject line: Flex Start.

We hope to see you soon!