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Contact Us

Admissions and Outreach Servicesadmissionstext.png
Jack Science Center, Room #111
1420 Schafer Street, 
Bismarck, ND  58506                               
Telephone: 701-224-5429
BSC Toll Free: 1-800-445-5073
Text: 701-390-1075

Admissions Staff


Nicole GibsonNicole Muth

College Admissions Recruiter | call: 701/224-5426 | text: 701/557-8302.

Hometown: Bismarck, North Dakota

Major & Grad year: A.A. at BSC (2015)

Favorite thing about BSC: The exciting and fun events the Student Union puts on for the staff and students.

Tip for Prospective Students & Families: Look what BSC can offer you for scholarships and apply!!

Why I work at BSC: The constant positive energy the campus community gives off.

Territory: Southwest North Dakota, South Dakota

Kyle KuetherKyle Kuether

College Admissions Recruiter/Head Volleyball Coach | text: 701/557-8306.

Hometown: Bismarck, North Dakota

Major & Grad year: A.A. & A.S. at BSC (2008) - Sports Management Degree at North Dakota State University (2010)

Favorite thing about BSC: The community support – It’s amazing, the support that staff has for students, alumni for athletics and everyone for everything. Being a part of BSC truly…. TRULY feels like a family.

Tip for Prospective Students & Families: Do your research but trust your gut, if it feels right it probably is.

Why I work at BSC: I don’t work at BSC, I get paid to hang out and help future students, current students and athletes at BSC.

Territory: Southeast North Dakota; Athletics

Kennedy CowartKennedy Cowart

College Admissions Recruiter | call: 701/224-2529 | text: 701/557-8410. 

Hometown: Houston, TX

Major & Grad year: Trumpet Performance & minor in Sport Business – West Virginia Wesleyan College (BA – 2021) Trumpet Performance - University of Mary (MA – 2023)

Favorite thing about BSC: Opportunities for students to customize their learning paths – and free ice cream!

Tip for Prospective Students & Families: No matter what you want to do with your life, you can always find the place willing to help you get there. Never stop looking!

Why I work at BSC: BSC is a place that provides students with the opportunity to study a variety of content areas. They don’t have to be put in a box and can study whatever interests/benefits them no matter their previous experiences or even place in life. I was blessed to be able to study music and participate in college athletics when so many people told me no, so working for a place that encourages this is why I feel at home here at BSC.

Territory: Humanities, Arts, Sciences; Northeast ND & MN

Justin FolsomJustin Folsom

College Admissions Recruiter | call: 701/224-2405 | text: 701/557-8487.

Hometown: Deland, FL

Major & Grad year: B.A. Computer Science, Minors in I.T. & Graphic Design at University of Jamestown (2019)

Favorite thing about BSC: All the activities they have throughout the year and the free Ice Cream.

Tip for Prospective Students & Families: Visit BSC so you can get a tour of campus and meet and speak with admissions and academic advisors and hear what they have to say.

Why I work at BSC: I am passionate about helping students find what they want to pursue in college.

Territory: Northwest North Dakota, Montana
Emma GlantEmma Glant

College Admissions Recruiter | call: 701/224-2406 | text: 701/773-4303.

Hometown: Alcester, South Dakota

Major & Grad year: BA in Communication Studies and History in Honoribus – 2022, Northern State University. MA in Communication Studies – 2024, Arkansas State University

Favorite thing about BSC: BSC is big enough for endless opportunities in education and careers, but also small enough for long-lasting and close-knit communities.

Tip for Prospective Students & Families: Take your time! Do not feel rushed to make big decisions, like picking a degree, in a day. Talk with family or institution staff to get information and think through all of your options before deciding.

Why I work at BSC: I believe that everyone deserves education that best fits their needs and goals. Through working at BSC, I get to live out this belief by connecting people to the best option for their future success. 

Territory: Polytechnic Outreach/Early Entry


Anne SeidlerAnne Seidler

Director of Admissions and Recruitment | call: 701-224-2439

Hometown: Thief River Falls, MN
Major: B.A. Communication, B.A. (2013), M.S. Higher Education (2018) 

Favorite Thing About BSC: Free Ice Cream on Wednesdays?? Also, the kind and welcoming environment built by those who love to see students succeed!
Tips for Prospective Students and Families: In picking a college, go to where feels like home. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help, there are resources and professionals whose professional vocation is helping you thrive in college. There are no silly questions!
Why I Work at BSC: I am a fierce advocate for student success! I think college is integral in building the foundation for one’s academic and professional passions. It gives me a purpose to help students accomplish their goals.

Additional Contacts

Financial Aid
1500 Edwards Ave
Bismarck, ND  58506                               
Telephone: 701-224-5494
Fax: 701-224-5550
Student Finance
1500 Edwards Ave
Bismarck, ND  58506 
  • 701-224-5533 (last name A-H)
  • 701-224-5691 (last name I-R)
  • 701-224-5706 (last name S-Z)
External organizations: 701-224-2451
Fax: 701-224-5550

Military & Veteran Services
1200 Schafer St.
NECE Building Room 346A
Bismarck, ND 58506
Telephone: 701-224-2576