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High School Counselors

The tools you need to help your students succeed!

Welcome to the Bismarck State College's one-stop resource for High School Counselors!

At Bismarck State College, we understand the pivotal role that high school counselors play in guiding students toward their future academic and career goals. This dedicated webpage is designed to provide you with easy access to essential resources and information to assist your students in making informed decisions about their educational journey. Our Student Viewbook provides insights into life at BSC while Academic Program Cluster Sheets give an overview of our diverse programs.

Should you or your students have any questions or require further assistance, our admissions team is here to help. Please feel free to reach out to us ( or 701-224-5429)with any inquiries, and we'll be happy to provide the guidance and information you need to support your students on their educational journey.

We look forward to working together to empower students as they embark on their college experience.
High School Counselor


Important links at your fingertips!

Explore a range of helpful BSC links, including scheduling campus tours, accessing academic programs, learning about college credit in high school, understanding limited enrollment, placement scores, tuition and fees, scholarships and the application for admission. It's everything you need to guide your students on the right path for completing their educational goals.

Scheduling a Tour

Academic Programs

College Credit in H.S.

Limited Enrollment

Placement Scores

Tuition & Fees


Application for Admission

Explore BSC's Student Viewbook

Bismarck State College Student Viewbook – your essential guide to all things BSC! This informative resource offers an insightful glimpse into life at BSC, helping prospective students and their families make informed decisions about their college journey. From campus facilities and vibrant student life to comprehensive academic programs and valuable student services, our viewbook provides a comprehensive overview of what BSC has to offer. Explore our campus, learn about our commitment to academic excellence, and find out why BSC is the ideal place for your students to start theireducational adventure.

Learn more with Academic Program Cluster Sheets

Explore Bismarck State College's Academic Program Cluster Sheets – a valuable tool to aid your students in their college decision-making process. These sheets provide a convenient overview of our diverse academic programs, helping students explore their interests and align them with relevant fields of study. With easy-to-access information on program options and potential career paths, our cluster sheets empower you to guide students toward making well-informed choices about their academic futures. Your students' success begins here, with the knowledge and resources offered by BSC's Academic Program Cluster Sheets.
Ag Cluster Cover
Business Finance Cluster Cover
Business & Finance
Communications Art Design Cluster Cover
Communications, Art & Design
Cyber Computer Cluster Cover
Cybersecurity & Computer
Information Technology
Education Cluster Cover
Health Science Cluster Cover
Health Sciences
Manufacturing Automation Cluster Cover
Manufacturing & Automation
STEM Cluster Cover
Science, Engineering & Math
Social Cluster Cover
Social & Behavioral Sciences
& Human Services
transportation automotive construction program cluster
Automotive, Transportation & Construction


Contact us. We're here to help!

Our knowledgeable BSC admissions team welcomes you to reach out with any questions you may have. We can't wait to help your students get on the right path to success.

BSC Admissions

Office:    Jack Science Center, Room #111
Phone:   701-224-5429

Learn more about the BSC Admissions Team.

If you have specific information or resources you'd like to see on our webpage, please fill out the form below, and we'll be delighted to accommodate your needs.

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Have feedback for us?
High school counselors, your feedback is invaluable to us in enhancing the Bismarck State College High School Counselor Page. We appreciate your insights and suggestions to ensure that the page continues to meet your needs and those of your students effectively. Please take a moment to fill out the feedback form below and share your thoughts with us.
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