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黑板上 & Infobase | Bismarck State College

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黑板上 & Infobase

Bismarck State College uses the 黑板上 (Bb) Learning Management System for online learning. Click the button below to be redirected to the BSC 黑板上 login.



用你的 校园连接 ID and password to log in to 黑板上 (Bb). Your 校园连接 ID is the first part of your BSC email address. For example, if your email address is john.doe@bismarckstate.请使用约翰。.doe as your online course username, along with your 校园连接 password.

Technical Requirements

查看 minimum technical requirements 作为理学士的学生. Be sure to review the specific information for your program, as technical requirements will vary.


When can I access my courses?
You WILL NOT see the courses you are registered for in 黑板上 until the first day of class. Your instructor will make the course available when ready, and the Help Desk cannot provide early access.

* It can take 24-48 hours from 校园连接 completion for a BSC 黑板上 account to be created.

What is my username and password for 黑板上?
用你的 NDUS account credentials to log into 黑板上 (same login/password you use for 校园连接). 

Which web browser is best for 黑板上?
CHROME is the preferred browser. Make sure your browser is up to date, usually found in the settings.

试 黑板上 Browser Checker to see if your computer and browser are supported. Complete browser and plug-in information may be checked from your My BSC Student Resource Course after logging into 黑板上.

* Microsoft Internet Explorer is NO longer supported for use with 黑板上.

Can I take courses on my phone or tablet?
You can watch course videos on your phone or tablet, BUT you will need a computer to successfully complete your assignments and tests as many features and interactions are not compatible with mobile devices.

Can I use a Chromebook?
Chromebooks do not work with 黑板上, as many features and interactions are not compatible to successfully complete your assignments and tests. Windows or Mac-based computers should be used instead.

Technical Support:

BSC Help Desk: 701-224-5442 or email 二元同步通信

BSC Teaching and Learning Center: email 二元同步通信

Toll Free (US and Canada) 黑板上 Support: 1-866-457-6387

参观 NDUS帮助台

Additional 黑板上 Support

A student orientation course which introduces you to 黑板上 is available from your course list on your My BSC page in 黑板上. 短, topic-based videos can be found under the On Demand Help module, which is also on your My BSC page.

Free Student Software

Microsoft Office Applications

Students have access to these applications for free while a student. Find out how to install the MS Office 365 suite. 问题? Contact the BSC Helpdesk through email 二元同步通信 or call 701-224-5442.

InfoBase (formerly Hoonuit)

Infobase is an online training site that is free to staff, 学生, and faculty at Bismarck State College. You can take online courses to learn more pg电子app平台 Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, 黑板上, Research Paper Basics, and over 250 more programs!