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Student Resources -

Student Resources

Student Resources


在二元同步通信, we offer a variety of resources to ensure students succeed throughout their degree program and beyond. See this area to learn how to get your 神秘的ID, find answers to your questions in our Student Handbook, 访问 它支持 和更多的. Be safe, be well and be successful!


The 神秘的卡片 (or 神秘的ID) is your official college identification card to be used for campus services such as dining, bookstore purchases, library circulation, 和更多的. You can obtain your 神秘的卡片 near the 二元同步通信书店 at the Information Desk. 

Health and Safety

Do your part to keep BSC safe and healthy by staying involved and informed. At Bismarck State College, maintaining safety and security for all students, 教师, staff and visitors is our highest priority.

                    Campus Police Department                          

BSC Student Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Student Code of Conduct is to support a safe, healthy, and inclusive campus
community that is conducive to learning where students act with honesty, integrity, civility, and
respect for themselves and others. 



Student Handbook

The student handbook is more than just a policy manual. It includes information pg电子app平台 campus resources, safety information, extracurricular activities, 和更多的.


Student Policies

The purpose of the BSC Student Code of Conduct booklet is to protect individuals, 校园, and the college community as well as create an environment conducive to achieving the mission of the college.



The Union houses the Welcome Center, 二元同步通信书店 selling textbooks and BSC gear, and the Mystic Java offering a full coffee bar and snacks. The Mystic Marketplace delivers a variety of meals and dining options throughout the day, including meals to go.



Bismarck State College uses Merit pages to publicize student achievements inside and outside of the classroom. Students receive recognition when they make the President's Honor Roll, earn academic and athletic achievements, 出国留学, win awards in their area of study and much more.


GPA Calculator

Want to calculate your college course grades? Our easy to use college GPA计算器 will help you calculate your GPA and stay on top of your study grades.